Metalhead Software is a small, independent studio in downtown Victoria, BC. We’re a tight-knit team that pours a ton of passion into our own original, high-quality content, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

You won’t find us chasing industry trends or implementing exploitative gimmicks; we simply focus on polished, gameplay-first titles aimed to please our community. We take our craft very seriously but at the same time you’ll find our day-to-day work environment is about as casual as it gets. We try to keep it light around here – you gotta have fun to build fun.

We work in the sports genre right now, but our interests span the whole gamut of gaming (from board games to twitch shooters to JRPGs) and we aim to channel our diverse inspirations into fresh, well-implemented ideas in the sports genre.

We’re still small enough that any one of us is usually jumping between a few areas over the course of a project rather than working in a single specialization. That doesn’t mean we don’t like specialists (we do!), just that if you happen to be interested in developing some secondary skills beyond your main thing, that’s probably something that jives well with us.

Have a look below for our current hiring status. Even when there are no openings, we always have an eye out for talent, so don’t let it prevent you from reaching out; just know that it affects how likely it is that we’ll be able to get back to you.




We are not looking to fill any positions right now. But we’re always up for looking at samples of your work! You can email us at