UI/UX Designer / Artist


We’re still a small squad and we need to jump around between different areas over the various stages of a project. Your role during pre-production could look quite different by the time we’re on the home stretch before a release, so we’re looking for someone whose Mojo is well suited to that.

This position will have you building interfaces and screens for a large multi-platform sports title. You will work closely with the engineering and gameplay teams to realize and quickly iterate on new concepts, as well as finish and polish the final product. Your tasks will include creating static concepts and promotional graphics, building and animating engine-ready game assets, and channeling feedback from team members and users into iterative improvements on existing game interfaces.

Let us know how your experience relates to the qualifications below. We would also like to hear which type(s) of work you’re most excited to spend your time on.


  • A passion for creating slick, readable, easy-to-use game interfaces
  • Experience building interfaces for games, apps, or the web
  • Comfortable working within toolset and performance constraints
  • Proficiency in Photoshop


  • Experience building interfaces for console and PC games
  • Experience designing for variable resolution / aspect ratio
  • Animation experience (2D or 3D)
  • Traditional illustration skills
  • Experience with iconography
  • Experience creating promotional assets
  • Experience with 3ds Max or other 3D software



  • Just send us an email – jobs@metalheadsoftware.com – only as long as it needs to be to tell us what your passions are and how that might make us a good match for you.
  • Please provide a portfolio of your previous work, including any professional, personal, and/or hobby projects (if they’re collaborative/group projects, please describe the specific bits you worked on). A link is great for anything on the web, but if you want to share anything else a private Dropbox link is best.
  • Given that we’re open to different experience levels, salary expectations are helpful – especially for more experienced applicants.
  • In case you missed it earlier, we require that you’re in (or willing to relocate to) our awesome city of Victoria, BC.